Marino Rocks Social Cafe/Restaurant

Welcome to Marino Rocks Social

Kitchen Opening Hours

Monday and Tuesday – 8am – 3pm (Limited Menu)

Wednesday – 8am – 7pm

Thursday – 8am – 7pm

Friday – 8am – 9pm (drinks till late)

Saturday – 8am – 9pm

Sunday – 8am – 3pm

Marino Rocks Social is an iconic and stunning café, restaurant, bar, and venue. We are situated on the very edge of the Marino Rocks foreshore, a playground for stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, diving and fishing.

Overlooking the clifftop boardwalk along the rocky coastline between Marino and Hallett Cove, Marino Rocks Social offers joggers, walkers, and visitors alike a place to rest and reflect.

Our acclaimed restaurant staff will welcome you with a modern Australian menu and drinks list designed to delight and thrill your palate, inviting you to come on a journey of discovery that prioritises local ingredients.

The downstairs café restaurant space features the original handcrafted terrazzo mosaic floors lovingly laid in the 1960s, while upstairs is a flexible space for events such as birthday parties, weddings, celebrations or co-working. The upstairs area also features a large verandah for your dining experience and to watch the sunset.

Wherever you are in the Marino Rocks Social café restaurant you will be in for a treat with stunning and uninterrupted views over the ocean as far as the eyes can see, and at dusk you are presented with almost magical sunsets. We look forward to you enjoying watching the sunset with a glass of wine.

This is your home away from home. Maybe catch up on some work with a cup of coffee, be with your own thoughts allowing your creativity to take you on journey or share special celebration moments with friends and family.

Marino Rocks Social is owned and operated by the Marino Rocks Community Coop, and is comprised of many local, and not-so-local Members who all believe in what we are trying to build – a special place – your Café Restaurant.

The Marino Rocks Social is owned and run by the community, for the community. A place where people meet, eat, drink, read, relax, work, learn, connect.

Would you be interested in becoming a Co-owner of the new professionally run cafe business and the iconic property?

Join the Marino Rocks Community Co-Operative Today!

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